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Harnessing the Power of Technology
To Create a
Sustainable Aquaculture Ecosystem

About Us

Jaljeevika Infotech is a farmers' collaborative platform to install value of integrated aquaculture models, building a sustainable value chain for the growth of the rural economy, empowering micro-entrepreneurs through scaling impact through data and building brand value of local systems, as a co-creation model.

Our Solution
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An affordable & small RAS system that can fit in your backyard



A small cage that is easy to manage & easy to fit in small waterbodies

Our Team
Neelkanth Mishra Founder & CEO Jaljeevika Infotech

Mr. Neelkanth Mishra

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Founder & CEO

Kavita Gandhi Co-Founder of jaljeeevika Infotech

Mrs. Kavita Gandhi

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Ayush Chopra IT Operation  & Research Lead of jaljeevika infotech

Mr. Ayush Chopra

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IT Operation

& Research Lead

Sandeep Kumar Aquaculture Technical Lead

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

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Aquaculture Technical Lead

Our Partner
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manage Jaljeevika Infotech partner
Social-Alpha Jaljeevika Infotech partner
the-nudge-foundation Jaljeevika Infotech partner
International center for clean water Jaljeevika Infotech partner
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