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About Us

Jaljeevika infotech is a farmers collaborative platform  to install value of integrated  aquaculture models, building  sustainable value chain for growth of  rural economy , empowering micro entrepreneurs through and scaling impact through data, building  Brand value of local  systems, as a co-creation model


Land & Water Conservation

More crop per acre and more crop per drop


We help farmers and micro entrepreneurs to earn sustainable livelihood through aquaculture and sustainable farming . Our innovative model of using smaller waterbodies through integrated farming landscaping and Aqua-Geoponics system has potential to address food and nutrition security.


It reflect our mission to engage with all producers  through a common platform to create market intelligence and link them with end user/ customer.


Affordable IoT and sensor-based decision-making tool for small and marginal farmers. Advisory is provided on real time data analytics so that farmers can manage their farm operations for better productions


A learning sharing and inspirational platform across aquaculture sector to engage with changemakers.

 Ecosystem Building

"Being open source and collaboration is our strategy to scale"

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 Insight Delivered

"We believe in innovation to empower small and marginal farmers"

 Intelligence Gathered

"We have learnt from farmers, we dedicate our services and products to them"

 Technology Applied

"What we achieve using our technology, software and products : Hope for better future, courage to face situation and sense of social security"

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"Integrating aquaculture  and big data for social well being "

Stakeholder Engagement

"Sharing knowledge is the best form of direct services to farmers,  We are committed to reach 1 Million aquaculture farmers by year 2030."