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About Us

"Integrated aquaculture module and multi-stakeholder engagement is the way forward to reduce poverty, ensure food security, enhance production, ensure better productivity and build resilience"

Jaljeevika InfoTech is a farmer's collaborative platform to install value of integrated aquaculture models, build sustainable value chain for growth of rural economy, empower micro-entrepreneurs through scaling impact through data, and building brand value of local systems, as a co-creation model.

Jaljeevika infotech is building an ecosystem to engage all value chain stakeholders towards creating a resilient, innovative, collaborative and empowering platform for millions of small and marginal farmers. We are using technology as a tool to scale grassroot innovations, creativity and collective process for building norms across value chain. We are open to explore and integrate all deep tech tools like AI/ ML, Blockchain, Data Analytics, IoT etc. as an enabling system to scale web of solutions.

As a process, we are developing system to include quality norms across the aquaculture farming segment so that traceability and certification get linked to producers, input providers and at consumer end as a sectoral norm rather than an affordable preference.

Jaljeevika Infotech is a team of societal well-being innovators, aquaculture practitioners, technology, and social entrepreneurs with a vision to ensure well-being and prosperity.