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Culture fisheries depend on several factors such as physical, chemical, and biological factors. Among all the characteristics, water quality parameters play an important role. Monitoring the water parameters by capturing data using testing kits & loT is well-known. Aquasenco is an affordable solution for a group of farmers engaged in aquaculture practices.

Our Solution

  • Data-driven water quality parameters and weather-based advisory for actionable insights

  • Inexpensive, portable low-cost solution without continuous monitoring of parameters

  • Sensors with advanced wireless communication protocols

  • Measure pH, DO, and TDS and extensible to more parameters such as temperature

  • Parameters data can be stored offline within the device and then sent back to the server once the internet connection is re-established

  • Sealed housing of components to protect sensitive circuits from external, harsh conditions

Economical Benefits

  • Reduce production cycle by 33% from 9 to 6 months (min. marketable fish size >500gm)

  • The digital investment cost is recoverable within one crop cycle of six months due to a productivity increase.

  • Reduction in input investment

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